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Posts on this site tagged with mentalhealth

Don’t just watch… do something!

Answering a question I got a long while ago about how to help someone feeling anxious. This isn’t a great guide but they never are as everyone is different. A good book about mental health is Solataire by Alice Olsmen. Her books are amazing and often involve mental health. Strong trigger warning though as it mentions suicide and self harm.

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I’m back

I’m back! I have a short but serious note on my OCD but then two book reviews (recommendations???). - All the things that could go wrong by Stewart Foster - OCDaniel

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A poem… I am calling it a normal day

A poem I wrote on a normal day. I will post a post about panic attacks... a little like what this poem is about I guess. But I will post what helps during a panic attack and what makes it worse. Have a wonderful day!

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