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I’m back

Hello! I have been silent for the past year or so I think. For those of you that haven’t seen my blog/s before I am a 13 year old (turning 14 in December) genderfluid person. I love ducks, music and most importantly books. I also have OCD.

Over the past year my OCD got worse before it started to get better. I had a few issues but now I’m ok. Or as ok as someone who has OCD can be.

To help me understand my own OCD better I went on a metaphoric bear hunt. I found two books about OCD (I know of three but I’ll be talking about two in this post).

The one that I love and will read time and time again is called “All the things that could go wrong”. It is by an author called Stewart Foster (he also wrote Bubble Boy which I highly recommend). It is about two boys. One boy has two prominent obsessions, germs and the fact everyone around him will die. To combat his obsession around germs he wears gloves and washes his hands to the point where they are cracked and bleeding. His name is Alex. He gets picked on by a girl called Sophie, two boys named George and a boy named Dan. Dan is distraught over the temporary loss of his brother. You get to see the victim’s point of view as well as the bully’s. I love this book for that reason as well as the view on OCD. I was able to relate to Alex a lot.

The other book I am going to talk about is OCDaniel. I am only going to briefly talk about this book as I had to put it down due to my own OCD as it had triggers. Anyway, Daniel is a boy suffering from OCD. Except he has no clue what’s going on. He thinks he’s going crazy. He repeats his night time schedule until long after midnight. He has to flick on and off light switches. Those are just some examples of OCD in Daniel. Out of the blue, a girl named Sarah, who has never spoken before started to have full conversations with Daniel. I liked this books representation of OCD. But it had a twist that left me unsure whether it was insulting or complimenting people with mental health illness. It kind of turns it into a superpower whilst making it seem like OCD (among other mental health illnesses such as schizophrenia) don’t exist???

Anywho, thank you for reading, have a wonderful day!


inky Centre for Youth Literature

Will add the book to the database for you right now!

2w ago

I'm glad to hear that you are better! Added the two books to my TBR, as I want to gain more insight into people with OCD. The second one sounds a bit like a yikes, but I'm going to read it anyway.

2w ago

Glad to see you're back. I'll definitely have to read OCDaniel and let you know what I think about it. Like bane said, it sounds a bit yikes, but I guess we'll see.

2w ago