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Don’t just watch... do something!

Welcome to a guide… I don’t really know if this is accurate and it might not work with everyone who has anxiety. So this is what to do if you see someone freaking out because of anxiety.

1. Make them laugh. I know that when I’m anxious if I am with someone that knows I have anxiety I freak out even more. So if they crack a joke (not about anxiety) it helps.

2. Let them unload their emotional problems on you. This is one of the harder ones too because it might stress you out too but if it is hard for you imagine what it’s like for them. Having these thoughts in the head a lot of the time. Also remember you have to look after your own mental health.

3. Sometimes it might be best to leave them alone. I know it sounds crazy but when people witness my anxiety attacks I get really embarrassed and it makes me feel worse. Instead ask them where they feel happiest. Maybe take them there if possible (Maybe a library or park or somewhere peaceful if you can’t) then let them be. Stay nearby so if they need you they can get you.

4. If they meet with someone for their mental health ask them if they have any techniques. Maybe help them depending on their wishes.

A lot of these vary from person to person so it is best to ask as long as they feel comfortable to answer.

Have a wonderful day/night!



This is good to know!

2w ago
inky Centre for Youth Literature

Thanks dolphinkick!

2w ago

Thanks for the tips! I'm sad that the part about not joking about anxiety has to be said.

2w ago

I like what you said with your third tip by giving them some space but staying nearby in case they need you. Great advice! Generally, people with anxiety know what they need best and can decide whether they're better alone or with another person.

2w ago